3 Ways Local Businesses Can Use Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising To Generate Leads

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 August 14, 2017

Do you want to know how to use Google Adwords pay per click advertising for your local business and generate leads? The internet has made information to be readily available. Bear in mind that there are over one billion websites, over half of which are active. However, being found online is much complex than coming up with your website and hoping that potential clients will come across it. White Label PPC options are also available to you.

One excellent strategy is using Search Engine Optimization to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) of customers. However, remember that SEO is an ongoing and time-consuming process. It also doesn’t yield first-page results in competitive markets in most cases.

If you want to land on the first page of Google, increase brand awareness and appear on where prospective leads are online; you need to consider Google Adwords pay per click advertising to generate leads. This post gives you 3 ways on how to use Google AdWords for your local business to generate leads.


Remarketing ads are among the familiar marketing ads by now. They are laser-targeted ads, which can seem creepy when you see them at first. They are highly efficient and usually follow you after you visit certain websites. Their primary function is to serve as reminders on goods or services that you have shown interest in.

Remarketing ads are important since they enable your products or services to stay in the minds of potential leads. This strategy involves targeting users or visitors to your website, either through social media, AdWords campaign, Google, from a referral site, or organically. After their visit to your site, a cookie gets stored on their computer.

It enables you to create a particular display ad that has a strong call to action, which targets the visitor when they browse online. The conversion and click-through-rates of remarketing campaigns are usually higher and (ROAS) or return on ad spend is greater when using this hyper-targeting type of online advertising.

Display Advertising

Display advertising on Google AdWords involves placing image ads on websites that you choose throughout the net. It’s one of the most cost-effective and essential ways to get your brand or name to your targeted audience.

Display advertising lets you choose which site your ads will appear and the target market for your ads by location, interest, affinity audiences, in-market, and interest. You can choose whether to pay per click, conversion or impression.

Compared to search advertising, it has lower conversion rates, although when you integrate them together, you will get the maximum the results.

Search Advertising

When most people hear the term pay-per-click as a digital marketing strategy, what comes to mind is search advertising. This strategy involves advertisers bidding on certain keywords such as “real estate California” or “New York real estate agent”) which enables them to appear on top of search engine results of users.

The best thing about search advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, which makes him or her land on your website. Bear in mind that studies have shown that around 91% of searchers don’t go past Google’s first page. It means that pay-per-click is the next best option if you can’t appear organically or naturally.

Wrapping Up

Google Adwords pay per click advertising is among the best marketing techniques as the post above shows. It lets you send leads that are highly targeted to your website, and you only pay per click. The best way is to hire an expert to do it for you for the best outcome.

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